If you want to Play Hold'em Poker Live at a Casino, then the Casino Texas Holdem link provides information on Playing Texas Holdem Poker at a Casino near you. I love to Play No Limit Hold'em at various Casinos. I was surprised one day when I went to Winstar Casino in Oklahoma and they had Live Hold'em Poker Tables and then I noticed the new ones. They were just like Online Hold'em Sites on the Internet. What I mean by this is there were not Real Dealers. It was an Automated Table. I think it was a PokerPro Table. I've seen them advertised on Hold'em Tournaments on TV like the Ultimate Poker Challenge. I haven't seen the Automated Tables on the National Heads Up Poker League though. I Practice Texas Holdem alot and everyday at various Texas Hold'em Sites.

When I fist Started Playing Hold'em I didn't have much of a Holdem Poker Strategy. I would search the internet trying to find the best Holdem Tips that were available. So after finding some really informative website that included the Rules of Texas Holdem and I really wanted to Learn to play Texas Holdem like the professionals do on those Live Tournament Texas Holdem shows like on ESPN and NBC as well as the Travel Channel.

So the first thing I did was to Learn Texas Hold'em and study the different Strategies of Playing Texas Holdem Online. I know it's different than playing in real life, but at least you can Play Texas Holdem Poker Games Free and get the needed experience for your Holdem Tournament Strategy. I also joind a Hold'em Poker Forum and learned a lot from other peoples' experiences.

The first Live Hold'em Tournament I saw was the WSOP on The Travel Channel. I was amazed at the payout. I could see real quick that Winning Texas Holdem Games would greatley benefit me and my girls I raise by myself. Now that I know How to Play Texas Holdem Poker, I just need to Practice more with the Online Texas Holdem Games and I think especially with the Online No Limit Holdem because that is where the big money is. I have recently started a forum that I think will help people in improving their game. I also have taught my friends How to Play Texas Holdem and they just love it. I think that they love the fact that the potential to win is really great and the money to be won was a major factor too. Even though they can't play Online Holdem Poker because they don't have an internet connection, the Real Life Play is probably the best way to learn the Texas Holdem Card Game.

If you're anything like me, you have seen plenty of Texas Holdem Books out there that offer you really good Texas Holdem Poker Tips. There is also things out there that give you the Texas Holdem Probability of a particular hand. Getting use to Texas Holdem Betting is not that hard. Once you learn the basics, you are off and running. The thing that was tuff for me was learning the Texas Holdem Pot Odds But once I learned some basic Texas Holdem Strategies I was up for the challenge. So I found a resource that allowed me to do a Texas Holdem Poker Download. I quickly learned the Texas Hold'em Poker Game and was able to get a Texas Holdem Bonus which was added to my initial deposit.

For those of you that use a Mac Computer, there is only a few sites that have Texas Holdem Mac compatible software. Always remember these things when you are playing poker. Learn the best Hold'em Hands and be able to calculate your Texas Holdem Poker Odds in your head so you will have a great advantage. Also learn a new Strategy just about every day to improve your Online Game. I found a new online poker site I think you will enjoy. It's full of information on Different Types of Online Poker and has a really neat layout. Gives you live feeds on poker events too. Check it out today

Explanation of Texas Holdem Poker Odds

ODDS are a huge factor in texas hold 'em. Players use odds to determine actions. The chances of completing a flush or a straight, the probablity of getting an overcard, the percentage of times you're going to flop a set to match your pocket pair are all important factors in poker. Knowledge of these statistics is key to winning. There are some sites that will give you a live history on your hands during a game. Which does help in determining your play. The following are some terms you should get familiar with.... "Outs" The number of cards left in the deck that will improve your hand. "Pot Odds" The odds you get when analyzing the current size of the pot vs. your next call. Say there's $400 already in the pot, and only another $30 bet coming at me, so my pot odds are good if I hit that straight." "Bet Odds"are the result of evaluating the number of callers to a raise. "With a 1 in 4 chance of hitting my hand, and knowing all 5 of these guys are gonna call my bet, my bet odds are good too." "Implied Odds"are the odds you are getting after the assumed result of betting for the rest of the hand. EXAMPLE: If you think these peole are going to call on the turn and river, the implied odds are excellent.

You commonly use outs and pot odds the most in Texas Hold 'Em. The odd calculation is simple division. The numerator(the top number) will be the number of outs you have. The denominator(bottom number) is the number of cards left that we haven't seen. This results in a percentage chance of making one of those outs. So, the most math you'll be doing will be dividing small numbers by 50 (pre-flop), 47 (after the flop), or 46 (after the turn).

Pot odds are as easy as computing outs. All you do is compare your outs or your chance of winning to the size of the pot. If chances of winning are significantly better than the ratio of the pot size to a bet, then your pot odds are good. If lower, then you have bad pot odds. Let's say you are in a $2/$4 holdem game with Ten-nine facing one opponent on the turn. There's an outside straight on the board 2-5-8-7, and only the river card left to make it. Any 6 or any JACK will finish this straight for you, so you have 8 outs (four 6's and 4 J's left in the deck) and 46 unseen cards left. 8/46 is almost the same as a 1 in 6 chance of getting the straight. Your only opponent bets $4. You if you take a $4 bet you could win $100. $80/$4 is 20, so you stand to make 20x more if called.

The next step is to use bet odds and implied odds. With bet odds, you try to figure in the number of people who are going to call a raise. With implied odds, you're thinking about their reactions for the rest of the game. I'll let it go at that, because the math can get real involved. Once you've mastered simple outs and pot odds, bet and implied odds are just a longer extension of these equations. Just like anything else, you start practicing these odds and outs and it will come naturally without and computation!

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